Thursday, July 22, 2010

Holy Howl it's a Roofdog Record

"Who would've thought these bums could actually get their shit together and release a record...and a record that even sounds good!  Roofdog are THE band to have at your party and now you can bring the party home, without 4 smelly booze-soaked dudes (and a lovely lady) in tow.  Onya Roofdog.  It's as comforting and familiar as slipping on ya fave old breakup pants." - Katie, Puppy Killer Records / Chicks That Scream

Roofdog is the self-titled, self-released, full-length debut studio album from this AK-based ska rock reggae five piece.  Their sound is guitar driven ska, backed by a relentlessly danceable beat.  From  the politically conscious lyrics of Drop the Bomb to the dancefloor fave Dance to the Moon, this album delivers 12 tracks of infectious ska.

Go fetch from 26 July.

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