Friday, November 11, 2011


The Checks return with album #3, produced by the band and Grammy award winning producer Bassy Bob Brockman. In early 2011 The Checks took up residence in a semi-abandoned building in the neon guts of Auckland's CBD. Office space was converted into recording studio; dingy walls that look like they would taste of capers and grimy benches became pinup space for song forms and artwork.  Treacle Toffee World (their pre-England practice space) was born again.

A month out from zero hour, Bassy Bob flew in from NYC and three instense weeks of demo-ing tracks began.  The album took shape just in time to enter the analogue playground of Roundhead Studios.

Deadly Summer Sway combines crisp warm tones of ribbon mics, The Who's 1974 Neve mixing console and 24 track tape with a hip hop producer's digital swagger. 

Oh yes indeed. 

Happy Checks Day:  Deadly Summer Sway is now out!

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