Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Fabulous Fabulous Arabia Unlimited Buffet Vinyl

Coming soon on our favourite format, yes, that's vinyl, is the Fabulous Arabia album 'Unlimited Buffet'.  Best hop to it when the time comes though, cos this record is far from unlimited, it's been pressed in a (numbered) edition of only 200 copies. 

Release date forthcoming, so check back ok. 

Here, as further explanation to the content, it is appropriate to reprint the letter from the President of Economy Records found in the sleeve notes:

"UNLIMITED BUFFET is a twin-hulled power-yacht of a record.  It is a craft built with only one concern in mind:  unbridled speed.

On UNLIMITED BUFFET, the words of LAWRENCE ARABIA are yoked to the musical arangements of MIKE FABULOUS in a fashion that is - dare I say it - quite provocative indeed.

In the past, ARABIA has wrestled the wraiths of weary nostalgia - not to mention the juxtapositions and moods of contemporary banality.  UNLIMITED BUFFET rests amid that all pervading energy-field that the thinkers term "le life-style".

FABULOUS has once again trimmed his musical moustache and turned out as charming a series of anecdotes as my speakers have had the very good fortune to chuckle over in quite some time!"

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