Wednesday, May 23, 2012

What We're Wearing

We love our warehouse, and here comes the inevitable but, but about this time of year we start moaning that it's so much warmer outside than it is in, how the place is a fridge disguised as a distribution outfit and are continually bitching about the front door being left open. The awful arm socks and scarves go on, hoods go up, the building reeks gloriously of microwaved wheat bag, and still we complain of the cold, and how much we hate winter.

Easing the pain a little this year though are the New Zealand Music Month hoodies which have fast become de rigueur Rhythmethod warehouse attire. You can get 'em for men, for women, in all sizes, in a suitable shade of black with the target logo front and back, from all decent music retailers or at online at or Mighty Ape. Yup.

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