Saturday, May 1, 2010

Hot Chip Friday!

Today's hot chips came from our closest fish and chippery. We like this one. Walkable, quick, not too greasy, generous portions.

The soundtrack to this Hot Chip Friday:

Katie, screaming for the lost Gooch while High on Fire.

Lu not eating hot chips but liking Surfer Blood.

Jo wrestling with cardboard packaging all day to bFM.

Pete & Sandra fighting over the ideal box to ship that order in with the new National album "High Violet" blaring.

For Rog it's been all about Mr Corelli in London. Maurice Steger plays mean recorder.

Gerry's day included The Hilliard Ensemble.

And Dave's been stuck in his room with a pile of unsolicited demos.

(Lio was on the road so we imagined his lunch was a lonely panini at the mall food court with piped background muzak...)

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