Friday, May 14, 2010

The Death of Hot Chip Friday

Just when we thought we had one of those traditions going someone went and bought a bloody pizza.  We still had sauce with it though.

We've been well-fed this week.  The upstairs salad and potato chip binge continued.  Broke out the cheese and bread midweek.  Didn't lack for wine either.  The Ode contingent served themselves homemade leek & potato soup.  The mocking continued for days.  (They know you're just jealous sales guy. Parp! Sick of those baked beans yet?).  And we discovered there was a giant mouse in the house.  Best keep an eye on that cheese...

Records? One or two good ones kicking about:

The National - High Violet
Yes, indeed worthy of another mention. Rog reckons it sounds like The Boss, and that's more than ok.

Holy Fuck - Latin
Psyched out and loop-heavy, and shit, look at that die-cut cover on the vinyl, and the CD, but the vinyl is just that much bigger and cooler.

The New Pornographers - Together
AC Newman and co joined by Zach Condon of Beirut, Annie St Vincent Clark and Will Sheff of Okkervil River?  Yes please.

The Hold Steady - Heaven is Whenever
Well, it's that The Boss thing again, alright.

Unkle - Where Did the Night Fall
And you thought there were heaps of guests on the New Pornographers album?

Humphreys & Keen - The Overflow

Nightchoir - 24 Hours of Night
Their debut on famed local label 1157, this is one beautiful record.

Avi Buffalo - Avi Buffalo
Debut for this LA bunch, out on Sub Pop, hype a-plenty, we believe it.

Madlib - Medicine Show #4 The 420 Chalice All Stars aka Son of Super Ape
79 minutes of all Jamaican sounds, special artworks, this is Madlib's fourth album in the one-a-month compilation/original release schedule for 2010.  Getting excited about #5 already...

Various Artists - Auteur Labels:  Robs Records
Plucked from the catalogue of outstanding UK label LTM Recordings, this is Mr P. Baker's album of the week. It's Rob's label.  Rob Gretton.  You know, Factory, the Hacienda, Manchester, the 80s....

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