Saturday, May 8, 2010

Would You Like Tomato Sauce With That?

Thanks Alligators for the crispiest chips and the giant bits of fish.

Too far to walk to for even for the fittest and speediest amongst us, so on ya sales guy for hooning down the road and rescuing us from a barely-warm-chip Friday.

Thanks also to Rog for the leftover booze, some tasty drops indeed. No thanks to the soggy donuts for pudding though. Maybe some lamingtons next time? But you made up for it with the homemade tomato sauce. Beats NZ's favourite by about seven million miles.

Our Friday wasn't all greasy wrappings, crumbs of batter and empties though. Got a shipment in, and round here it's always a race to be first to open the boxes. Inside we found...records. Lots and lots of vinyl. Of the reissue variety. These will be appearing on a release sheet soon:

The Dead C - Clyma Est Mort / Tentative Power
Reissued by Jagjaguwar/Ba Da Bing, the sticker says Clyma "was recorded live in the band's practice room in 1992 to an audience of one - and released as a "fake bootleg" - it is the real-est album of the Dead C's long career". This double gatefold comes with Tentative Power, a bonus 12" with seven extra tracks from contemporary singles and out-takes. And since that stuff's never been on CD, they put one of those in too.

The Dead C - The Dead Sea Perform M Harris
Stealing from the sticker again: "First ever recordings by the Dead C from 1987, made in their first month of existence. Two epic versions of Max Harris that will screw your head to the floor. Released as a cassette in an edition of 21 and subsequently never available together as originally intended, this is the first vinyl release of these historic tracks". Has one of those digital download thingys too.

We also found some items from decent reissue label Drastic Plastic:

The Meatmen - War of the Superbikes: "One of the great summer albums of all time" say our friends at Revolver USA.

Agent Orange - Living In Darkness: "The greatest skate-punk record of all time" say the Drastic people.

Crispy Ambulance - Plateau Phase: "Their best record" says their biggest fan P. Baker.

Exploited - Punk's Not Dead: "The album earnestly delivers one of the great, sincere and authentic performances in its genre, projected the Oi! movement forward with fangs and aplomb." (thanks, again, Revolver).

These Drastic Plastic releases are all 180 gram limited editions.

And an album from office favourite Michael Hurley turned up. Armchair Boogie was originally released in 1971, and this re-mastered version is via Mississippi Records.

That was just the first box friends.

Good listening times ahead...


  1. gotta say Hopping that HOTCHIP Friday finished on a spectacular note with the Harvestman CD that found it's way into our shipment. Although the soundtrack to an obscure horrorfilm - it made the perfect eurethral soundtrack to Friday night at the dream: sans flatmates plus beer & a few jars! Perfect way to start the weekend.