Monday, March 26, 2012

The Black Seeds 'Dust & Dirt' Album out 9 April

Y'know, to say we're pretty excited to be releasing the new Black Seeds album is one of those understatement things. Dust and Dirt is the title of this one, and it's an album which introduces a bunch of new sounds and styles not heard on previous records, while retaining that trademark Black Seeds sound so many of us just can't get enough of.

From the get-go, album opener 'Out of Light' with its shimmering keyboards and trippy vocals showcases an invigorated band with a more expansive sound. 'Loose Cartilage', inspired in part by an AC/DC concert, comes flying out of the traps with a beast of a riff before slipping into a funk-laden Black Seeds groove.

Then there's the chilled out disco dub of 'Don't Turn Around', born out of a spontaneous jam before rehearsal, and the blaring horn line and varied use of instrumentation on 'Love Me Now'.  Yep, Dust and Dirt is testatment to a band at the top of their game, revelling in their new found creative freedom.

Just check this Making of Dust and Dirt clip to see...

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