Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Same ol' Brew Re bottled

Four days later the stage diving injuries, recurring nose-bleeds and inability of at least half the warehouse division to concentrate are still in evidence after the last ever Missing Teeth show at the Kings Arms on Saturday night. 

Damn shame if ya missed it. But have we got news for you. Missing Teeth have smashed out one final CD to commiserate 10 years of song writing, not just a 'best of' but an 'ALL OF' which includes literally everything that they could find and fit inside 80 mins.  The 2002 debut self-titled album, the aptly titled 2003 disaster EP, all the vinyl tracks, all the stuff off the various compilations, and even some dodgy bedroom recordings of songs that they honestly don't even remember playing...ever. 

So get ya pants off, knock ya teeth out and go get yourself a copy.  Missing Teeth.  Same Ol' Brew Re-Bottled. It's out now. 

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